Grit. It’s a Good Thing.

When I found out the military was moving us to Dayton, Ohio, I wasn’t sure what to think. My family and friends were also confused. “Ohio,” they’d say, voices tapering off. “Ohio. Huh.” Then their faces would brighten. “Ohio! It’s a swing state!”

Yeah. That’s pretty much all I knew, too.

I did some online digging around before we got here, and heard people talking about the “old rust belt.” I heard more than a few variations on “it’s sort of gritty,” with some people arguing for grit as a good thing, and some using it in a not-so-positive way.

I’m still new to Dayton, but this city has grabbed me. And I think it might have to do with that grit, the texture created when you pair the lovely with the decaying (Venice and New Orleans, I love you too), but I also think it has more to do with¬†grit. As in, perseverance and passion in the face of obstacles. Daytonians care about their city, and they have plenty of grit, and I see them rebuilding this city–with its amazing legacy–each day.

I’m hoping that some of that grit rubs off on us as we attempt to tackle the renovations on our 160+ home. ¬†Grit. It’s a good thing.

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